Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful world and all it's tastes,
smells, sands. In all likelihood we shall not pass this way again.
This passing was the best  
George Bessie Harmon

Whether you're a group of 1,2,3,10, or 20, we can design the precise program with your choice of any Mongolian sites. All tours designed to fit your tastes and interests.

    We are offer a wide range of activities throughout the country:
- Adventure Journeys to Mongolia and Beyond for Individuals and small Groups
- Tailor made journeys for Senior Couples and Senior small Groups 
- Hunting with Eagles in West Altai MT: small group departure in winter (Jan and Feb 2021)
- Annual Camel Festival tour in south Gobi Desert: 15-21 February 2021 (with Ice Festival extension in Khuvsgul Lake)
- Annual NAADAM Festival in Ulaanbaatar city (11-13 July 2020): wrestling/archery/horsemanship
- Annual Eagle Festival in Western Mongolia (first week of October 2020)
- Horse/Camel Riding trips: for beginners and experienced horsemen
- Jeep Wildlife Safaris/Gobi Desert Overland Expeditions
- Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian Railway adventure trips: ....all year around 
  (Moscow - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing or reverse) 
- Tribal Mongolia (western Mongolia)
- Jeep Wildlife (Photo) Safaris - Overland 4WD 
- Trekking Expeditions in Western Mongolia: Uvs, Khovd and Ulgii provinces (trek Snow Leopards-uncia uncia)
- Historical & Cultural journeys
- Nature and Craft tours and more ........
- Fishing (Hucho Taimen) and Hunting (Wolf & Roe Deer combo hunt) in Northern Mongolia
Fishing departures in 2020:   .....“Book Now !!”
29 August  – 06 September           Available (Limited, Closed)
04 September – 12 September       Available (Limited, Closed)                                             
10 September – 18 September       Available (Limited, Closed)

16 September – 24 September       Available (Limited, Closed)  
22 September – 30 September       Available (Limited, Closed)
28 September – 06 October           Available (Limited, Closed)

Please contact us for a detailed itinerary, and trip planning support or make your own departure dates.
Package price:
Includes all meals (as per fixed itinerary), guides, hotel in ULN city (twin share) and fish base camp, fishing permits, airport transfers and 4WD vehicle service to/from fish base camp.(Package price is subject to change)
Rod limits:

The rod limit is three-six anglers per departure.

- Altai Magic Trekking & Jeep safari: group of 15 clients
Day 01 Arrive Ulaanbaatar Meeting at the airport or train station and transfer to hotel.City tour.Overnight in hotel.
Day 02 Start camping in West Altai
Earlier morning after breakfast transfer to airport and take a flight to Khovd.Upon arrival drive to Bortiin Belchir ( 205 km from Khovd town) for overnight stay in tent.
Day 03 First trekking day. After breakfast and packing start trekking.On the way meet nomads,visit local family.Camping at Orgon Shirgees.( 15 km )
Day 04 Trekking…..Lunch / picnic at waterfall
Continue trekking and camping alone the Khukh Nuur lake.( 13 km )
Day 05 Trekking near Monkh Khairkhan mountain
Continue trekking and camping at Bayan Sairt.( 15 km )
Day 06 Last trekking day. Continue trekking and camping at Ulaan Gobi. ( 10 km )
Day 07 Back to Khovd & fly to UB or continue driving….
Driving toward to Gobi Altai ( 500 km ),camping.
Day 08 Discover unique land on the way to Bayankhongor
Continue driving.Camping ( 410 km )
Day 09 Arrive Karakorum
Late afternoon arrival at Karakorum ger camp and o/n in ger.( 400 km )
Day 10 Visit Erdene Zuu monastery
In the morning visit Erdene Zuu monastery and driving down to the South.Overnight in ger ( stay in Saikhan Gobi ger camp or other nearby ger camp,270 km ) camp.( 270 km )
Day 11 Visit Ongiin Khiid-Ruins of monastery alone Ongiin river
In the morning visit Ongiin Khiid ( dated back to 1640…),which located in 7 km from Saikhan Gobi ger camp.Continue driving to South Gobi.O/n in ger.
Day 12-13 Two nights in South Gobi ger camp
During stay in Gobi visit following spots: Flaming Cliffs, Sand Dunes and Eagle Valley.
Day 14 Drive back Ulaanbaata via Middle Gobi
Earlier morning drive to Middle Gobi ger camp and on the way visit Erdene Dalai monastery. O/n in ger.
Day 15 ( July11) Arrive Ulaanbaatar and full day Naadam Festival
Earlier morning drive back Ulaanbaatar and enjoy Naadam Festival.O/n hotel.
Day 16 Departure from Ulaanbaatar

- Jeep Safari- Discover Mongolia: group of 15 clients,2850 km
Day 01 Arrive Ulaanbaatar,city tour and overnight in hotel.
Day 02 Drive to Middle Gobi via Sum Khokh Burd and Baga Gazriin Chuluu.
( ruins of the monastery at Baga Gazriin Chuluu).O/n in Middle Gobi ger camp.
Day 03 Drive to Karakorum via Tsogt Taiji rock inscription.Camping.
Day 04 Visit Erdene Zuu monastery and drive to Hot Spring in Blue Heaven ( Tsenkher Natural Spa) O/n in tsenkher ger camp.
Day 05 Continue driving to the North via Tsetserleg and Khorgo.Camping at Terkhiin Tsagaan lake.
Day 06 Driving to Moron town and camping outskirts.
Day 07 Drive to Khuvsgul ger camp and o/n in ger.( optional trips: horse riding and fishing )
Day 08 Driving to the South and camping near Telmen lake.
Day 09 Observe Otgon Tenger mountain from nearest point.Camping alone the river.
Day 10 Drive to Gobi Altai city and camping outskirts.( visit local market )
Day 11 Drive to the west and camping on the way.
Day 12 Visit Tsenkheriin cave and camping.
Day 13 Arrive Khovd and small excursion around town,visit local museum and market.Camping.
Day 14 Visit Kazakh family.Camping.
Day 15 Fly back Ulaanbaatar and transfer to hotel.
Day 16 Day excursions to Bogdo Khaan National Park.( Manchir monastery).O/n in ger.
Day 17 Drive back Ulaanbaatar and full day sightseeing.O/n in hotel.
Day 18 Departure.

We have over 30 itineraries (woman or man Solo Traveler, Family Adventure and Group Travelers, etc) from which to choose. For more information, trip cost and booking please contact us.