A traveling fool better than a sitting wise

Mongolian Proverb

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| Responsibilities? |
Transportation? | Accommodation? | Visa? | How to get to Mongolia? | What is the weather like?

*How to book :

- Just choose the tour you want and send us an email or fax. Upon receipt of your enquiry, we'll mail a confirmation invoice to you.

*How to pay :

- The total Tour Payment should be transferred to our advised Bank Account one_two_three months prior to the beginning of the tour. Also we accept the payment via PayPal, Money Gram and Western Union money transfer services.

*Cancellation :

- If for whatever reason you decide to cancel your trip after the contract approval you should notify us one month prior to the beginning of the scheduled tour. The cancellation fees after approval of the booking-contract: 25 days prior to arrival-US$250 per person, 24/08 days prior to arrival-50% of the tour price, 7 days prior to arrival and no shows-no refund.

*Discounts for repeated clients :
- We give a discount from the total price to you if you are traveling around Mongolia with GE'S for the second time and those who are visiting for the third time are entitled for a special discount!
*Luggage :
- Your luggage will be carried by service staff on carts or cars throughout the whole trip. You are allowed to carry only 10 kilos of free luggage on domestic flights and it`s your responsibility to pay for excess luggage.
*Insurance :

- In regards to insurance you can arrange it yourself in your own country. You are required to be vaccinated against Hepatitis, tuberculosis, plague and smallpox. It will do no harm if you try to prevent yourself by vaccination from street dogs. You may refer to the following link:


*What should bring :
- Hiking boots, warm socks and boots, backpacks, sleeping bag, first aid kit, sunglasses, hat, mosquito repellent, torch-led light, Leartherman tool knife, flask and water purification tablets.
*Responsibilities :

- Just get yourself here and company will do the rest for the organization of the tour and making all arrangements concerned.

Amendments and clarifications to the contract can be negotiable in case of its violation. The company is not responsible for damage caused by customer's personality, disorganization, or personal interest.

*Transportation :
- The length of daily excursions will vary depending on travel route. The main transportation is Japanese made 4WD vehicles or double axed Russian military 4WD Jeep - UAZ 469 (or 4WD mini van). The majority of the road is natural road. In the case of horse and camel riding, the coach will follow.
*Accommodation :
- In Ulaanbaatar capital you will stay at one of the standard hotels (2*, 3*, 4* hotels). During the trip around the country most of the time you will be camping in tents or in traditional Mongolian Felt Dwelling Gers in the tourist camps.
*Visa :
- You will need an entry visa on your passport to travel to Mongolia. It can be obtained from the Mongolian Embassy or Consular in your country if there is one. In case you have some difficulties, please contact us or one-month tourist visas can be obtained on-the-spot at arrival in Mongolia (airport and railway customs clearance), although the visa situation is subject to change from time-to-time.
The citizens from the following countries can travel to Mongolia without a visa within the certain, specified number of days:

US citizens 30 days 

Kazakhstan 90 days

Israel 30 days

Malaysia 30 days

Cuba 30 days

Phillipin 21 days

Singapore 14 day

Hong Kong 14 days

Japan 30 days

*How to get to Mongolia :

- Close coming from Beijing! Gateways to Mongolia are Berlin, Peking, Khokh Khot, Frankfurt, Moscow, Ulan Ude, Irkutsk, Osaka and Seoul. Mongolian International Airlines (MIAT) and Air China both operate Boeing and Airbus planes on flights to Ulaanbaatar. The Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian Railway route from Moscow or Beijing makes a particularly exhilarating entry into the country.

*What is the weather like?
- The best time to travel in Mongolia is between the months of May and September. The weather during this time varies considerably from region to region. The highest rainfall period is in July and August, however, there are still days of glorious sunshine during this time. Early spring, especially in May, is known for its windy days. As a general guide here is some information about temperatures.
The average temperatures in May-June in the South of the country (Gobi) are +15+20C during the day and +10+15 during the night. In the north half of the country the temperatures range from +10+15 during the day and +5+10 during the night.
In July-August in the south of the country the average temperatures vary from +25+35 during the day and +20+25 during the night. In the north of the country they are from +20+25 during the day and +15+20 during the night.
In September in the south of the country the temperatures are from +15+25 during the day and +10+15 during the night. In the north they are from +10+20 during the day and +5+10 during the night.