"Excellent tour. Very friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Our guide was excellent-he was very gracious and kind. Overall “A” or 98% Excellent tour."

Dr Timothy Katzen



Wonderful experience enjoyed by All of us-Thank you so much. Tour Guide and Driver were Good. Fun and Really made our tour one to Remember.”


Ian Christopher Bland & Valerie Mary Bland

Charles David Tempest & Anna Delia Tempest

Robert John Lloyd & Patricia Lloyd

“Guide spoke excellent English, was very knowledgeable. Driver was on time, professional, full of great information …………….Overall, great guide & driver, very memorable experience!  All of the gers were very nice! We’ll recommend to our friends!”          

Katherine Cooper & Joshua Wilson

“Thank you again for all your job. I had an unforgettable travel experience. Special thanks to Jamga, nr.1 driver in Mongolia.” 

Andrea Tubi

“We’ve really enjoyed our short stay in Mongolia.” 

John Gardner & William Lasher

“We enjoyed our trip very much. The best parts of the trip were meeting nomads in the countryside and seeing the natural beauty.” 

 Joseph Frieben & Michelle Frieben

“We had a wonderful adventure to the Gobi. Saw many animals, enjoyed our walk on the glacier, up the dunes, ride on camel & horse and staying in Gers. Wonderful weather,…….we cannot wait to return.”  

Jay Katzen & Patricia Katzen

“Camel Festival tour was perfect. We learned a lot about Mongolian culture. A special thanks for our guide and driver. The personal at the Ger camp was really nice and welcomed us like a family.”

Laëtitia Bot & Maryse Bot

“….. your company provided a guided tour to five Finns visiting Ulaan Baator. The guide was a man who spoke excellent English. He took us on a full day tour in the city and in the countryside. The trip included a lunch in Ulaan Baator and a dinner out in the mountains. The whole tour was a great success and left us with some very pleasant memories.”  

Johan Nysten
“Quite some time passed since we spent a wonderful time in beautiful Mongolia. Watching our video and photographs we remembered we wanted to give you a little feed-back. We really enjoyed the whole trip. Already the second day we had an experience we shall never forget. ………………. we got the chance to meet a lovely nomad family. We were guests in their Ger, could see how they live, got a good dinner, talked to them. This happens only to very few tourists. Also the whole situation is in our memory very positive. The waiting next to the car in this open land was exactly what we needed after the stress in Moscow. It gave us the chance to relax. And when we spent the night in Gobi, we saw the most incredible sky as it is never possible in our country or even from a Ger camp. As we told you, we were completely satisfied. Sergelen was exactly the right guide for us. She is excellent. By the way, we gave your address to other tourists who were interested in Mongolia. Thank you.”

Urs E. and Eveline Bissegger

“just wanted to say thank you so much for your help in organising our short stay in Mongolia. Our night in the ger was a great experience, and the Puma hotel was an excellent choice, with everything we needed to set us up for our onward journey. Your driver was very friendly and helpful, too. Thanks also for collecting our train tickets- We felt that we were in safe hands, with everything being so well organised. We have very fond memories of our short trip, and it was a pleasure to meet you.“  

Alison Semple 

“Mathew and I have now arrived safely back in the UK after the Trans-Mongolian trip. Many thanks for all your assistance with arrangements in Mongolia which all went very smoothly and made a great trip.“  

Mathew HEAL & Katherine HEAL

“We thank you for providing us with an outstanding guide and driver-a truly exciting, knowledgeable, fabulous experience – the people and country are beautiful-hopefully we shall return again!” 

Sharon Michael, Sharon Jean and Sharon Alicia

“(Moscow - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar - Beijing)

The service from start to finish was excellent, it was a pleasure to have Gobi Expeditions to organize our short time in Mongolia. It provided the services I had hoped for with real professionalism and I am planning to return to Mongolia and use your services again. Thanks very much.”


Donovan Patrick Henderson and Diana Mary Henderson

"(Moscow - Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar/Naadam Festival - Beijing)
We have returned safely to Scotland and I wanted to let you know what a wonderful holiday we had. We enjoyed every bit of it and appreciated how much work you had done to make it perfect for us. We were so well looked after and everyone was so helpful and kind. In particular our guide Sarnai was the best guide we've ever had: she was caring, thoughtful, very clever and well-informed and, on top of all that, she was great fun to be with. All our drivers were tremendous too and we really admired Moodjie, our bull cart driver in the Terelj. I have nearly all my slide back now and will be showing them to all my friends. I have already passed on your details to people who would like to visit Mongolia. I know both Barry and I will be back again too. So again thank you very much for all you have done for us. I would be delighted to recommend your company to any other visitors who are not sure the best way to visit Mongolia."

Irene Frances Brandt and Barry John Chislett

"(Moscow – Irkutsk – Ulaanbaatar – Beijing - Jinin)

First let me say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU a thousand times thank you. My trip to Mongolia was wonderful, and I couldn't have done it without you. I experienced so much, and …… that you can be sure I will be coming back. Thank you again!”

Deborah Ruuskanen

“The knowledge and itinerary were excellent! Driver was an excellent and his presence helped us feel safe and secure. Tour guide knowledge of history and art was a perfect fit to our interests. Both driver & guide were beautiful ambassadors of your proud & magnificent country Mongolia. Our deepest heartfelt thanks.”

Barbara Luoma Hays and Monique Luoma Golis

“This was a wonderful experience. Made better by the careful consideration of guide and the many helps, things he did.”

David Sapadin and Leslie Sapadin

“Mongolia stopover: Overland Jeep Safari and Trans Mongolian / Siberian Railway (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar – Moscow)……..”

Hannah Ries, Holly Wilmeth

“Trans Mongolian / Siberian Railway (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar – Moscow - Berlin),with Moscow stopover……”

Mandy Seibold

 “Naadam Festival, Overland Jeep Safari and Trans Mongolian Express (Ulaanbataar – Beijing)” 

Tiffany Becker, Andrea Esselbrugge, Tracy Starr

“Trans Mongolian / Siberian Railway (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Irkutsk)…”  

Andrew Connelly and Ms. Heather Findlay

“Trans Mongolian / Siberian Railway (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow), and Mongolia stopover…… ”

Andy Brooks

“Trans Mongolian Express (Ulaanbataar - Beijing)”

James Joseph Tury and John Danels Mc Cully

 “Trans Mongolian / Siberian Railway (Beijing - Ulaanbaatar - Moscow)”  

Naima Hall

"We have had a wonderful time in Mongolia. ... never thought this country was this beautiful and magical. We will remember the country and people for the rest of our life. The guide and driver were both excellent! We will return." 

Harvey Hockstein, Mr. Harry Ettlinger and Charles Malone

"Very efficient, helpful and generally exellent. Totally satisfied, a most enjoyable holiday. Thank you very much. We also feel particularly lucky that we had such interesting and efficient guide."   

Lisa Lermon and James Slater

"Thank you for planning a wonderful trip for me and my friends. It was perfect! Good luck with Gobi Expeditions! You are off to a great start………………I look forward to returning to Mongolia and visiting even more remote part of your beautiful country. We are very pleased with our trip and I will recommend Gobi Expeditions Mongolia enthusiastically."

Tucker Hart Adams, Ph.D.

"Thank's for giving me a new found interest in Mongolia. Can't wait to come back."  

Emily Green

"Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful world & all it's tastes, smells, sands. In all likelihood we shall not pass this way again. This passing was the best." 

George & Bessie Harmon